Advanced Dental Arts
Coronavirus Protection Protocol

Eric Gordon, DMD

An open letter to my dear valued patients and their families.

We understand that this is a difficult time for everyone. Although it is hard to see the turning point to this crisis yet, it will end, and we will get back to the enjoyment of our lives. In anticipation of our restart, I have made several critical changes in the office to ensure the health of you as a patient, my staff, and myself.

In the past, we have followed a strict protocol of sterilizing all instruments, disinfecting all surfaces, and wearing appropriate PPE. Now, with Corona-type air born droplet viral infections, we must take added measures to decontaminate/ sanitize the entire room and the air that is present during treatment. For this reason, I have installed a hospital grade sterilization system, which will eliminate air borne/ surface viruses and bacteria from the treatment rooms and common areas.

The Viking Pure Disinfecting Solutions System, is a CDC and EPA Hospital Grade disinfecting aerosol spray that effectively kills viruses and bacteria on contact. It is a hydrolyzed water solution, which is a green product- completely safe, with no adverse affect contacting skin, eyes, or lungs. It can even be used as a mouthwash.

The two step process of spraying a fine mist of the solution in the treatment room and wiping down all surfaces, as well as, spraying masks gloves and clothing, will ensure a safe environment to deliver dental healthcare needs. For more information, read their press release here, or visit

My staff and I will be wearing masks while we are in the office and spraying/ wiping down all contacting surfaces every 30 minutes, to ensure that we maintain a high level of sterility and disinfection.

When we do restart, we will eliminate the use of our waiting room. When you arrive at the office, please call us from the parking lot, and remain in your car until we call you to come in. When you enter the office, you will be lead directly to a disinfected treatment room, where you can wash your hands and be seated.

I feel confident that these added precautions will effectively eliminate any concerns you may have about exposure to viruses in our dental office.

We wish you and your family continued health and a swift end to this crisis,

Eric Gordon, DMD and Staff